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The Power of Music

Music has evocative and expressive powers. It communicates at the deepest visceral levels of Consciousness.
Music is a universal language, requiring no translation, no explanation.
It affects us all; reaching personal depths – stirring up memories, meaningful associations and stages of life.
In a moment, the beat of music can literally connect to the heartbeat of the Consumer – a moment to be harnessed by The Brand.

The power of music – instant, rewarding, simple.

About me

I have created music since the age of thirteen.
I have a passion for composing in genres, which include: Fantasy Trance, Film/TV Scores and Contemporary Classical Music.
My compositions are created to foster Energies – which alter our mood states from calmness to excitement, to bliss.

I have completed albums in the following sequence:

  1. “Atmosphere”
  2. “Time”
  3. “Love”
  4. “Creation”
  5. “Dreamlore”
  6. “Dao”
  7. “Quasar”
  8. “Quantum Touch” – (on the final phase)
  9. “Stellar Eclipse” – (on the creation phase)

As well I have recorded 3 singles-songs and finished 3 full albums with one of my artist.

Soon I will finish my new EDM Fantasy Trance album “Quantum Touch”.
As well working on the Fantasy album for films scores soundtracks – “Stellar Eclipse”.

Enjoy my creative sounds; listen to selections on my website; feel free to browse.

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